A root canal is an elaborate dental procedure used to treat teeth that are suffering from severe tooth decay, infection or gum disease. When a tooth needs a root canal, that means that the tooth is infected from the inside out – the tooth’s inner pulp and nerve need to be removed, and the entire inside of the tooth needs to be cleaned out and sealed to keep the infection from spreading elsewhere in the mouth. These types of treatments are typically handled by dental specialists called endodontists.

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More specifically, these specialists are trained to treat cases where the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed. The reasons can vary for the cause of this issue, but some common reasons includes: deep tooth decay, chipped tooth, some sort of internal tooth trauma.

Early Treatment And Diagnoses:

Like many other things, a “rotten tooth” that is left untreated can cause a lot of pain down the road so it’s critical that it is diagnosed correctly and treated at the earliest.

It might seem obvious, we remind our patients that applying the latest techniques in patient care and using the most up to date technology for your procedures can make a world of a difference. It matters not only from an accuracy and quality of treatment standpoint, but it can also reduce healing times and prevent certain complications.

In complicated cases, we recommend that they see a specialist called an endodontist who focus on root canals. Schedule a complimentary consultation today for an exam, to learn about root canal costs, and more. Our endodontist and entire team look forward to taking care of you.